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New Hope Church | Executive Pastor

Purpose Statement: Provide administrative and pastoral leadership to New Hope Church to help us achieve our goal to Help People Find and Follow Jesus.


General Expectations:

· Maintain an authentic and growing walk with Jesus Christ through the ongoing spiritual disciplines of Bible reading, prayer, personal worship, and fellowship.

· Set annual goals with the Lead Pastor that are in line with New Hope’s mission and vision and evaluate how these goals were attained or modified during the year.

· Function as a member of the church’s pastoral staff, which includes leadership with weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc.



60%- Serve as the organizational leader for New Hope Church

Fulfilling this role allows the Lead Pastor to give focused leadership to preaching, vision, and directional leadership for the church. Specifically, the Executive Pastor provides organizational leadership as an integrator in the following ways:


1. Serve as the chief ministry strategist with the goal of implementation of ministry objectives across all the departments of the church. This includes semi-annual evaluations of ministry along with the development of metrics, dashboards, and systems to determine effectiveness (e.g., church attendance, baptisms, small group participation, etc.).

2. Provide administrative coaching for staff and ministry leaders to help achieve ministry goals. Serve as the direct report leader for all non-pastoral staff members, which include leading staff through annual goal setting, performance reviews, and on-going coaching and encouragement to help ensure staff success.

3. Work with the Elder and Finance team to ensure the staff is aligned with spending and financial decisions to maximize stewardship of resources. Ensure NHC is excellent in discipling the congregation in the matter of giving and honoring the Lord as a steward of their resources.

4. Give supportive leadership to the operations of the church through various team leaders, which include the NHC campus, facility issues and usages (e.g., leases), communications, database (Planning Center), and IT.

5. Provide leadership to various initiatives as assigned to help with developing and implementing plans, goals, and vision. This includes implementation of the directional leadership of the Lead Pastor.


30%- Leadership to the Small Group Ministry

1. Give overall leadership to the small group ministry of the church which has the goal to see 80%+ of the adult congregation involved in a small group.

2. Protect and promote the vision of small groups to build meaningful community, timely care, spiritual growth, and serving others in Jesus’ name.

3. Recruit and develop Small Group coordinators (1:5 ratio) who will provide coaching and encouragement to small group leaders.

4. Build and implement a training strategy to develop new small group leaders and establish a culture that expects and celebrates small group multiplication.

5. In coordination with other staff and ministry leaders, give leadership to the small group sign-up process that includes the creation of promotional materials and methods to ensure exposure of groups to the congregation and community, the purpose and importance of small groups, and how to get connected.

10%- Pastoral Ministry

 1. Provide shepherding to the congregation, including preaching, teaching, podcasts, performing weddings, funerals, baptisms, communion, etc.

Time Investment: Full Time


Commitment: On-going. Will maintain regular office hours and be an active participant in weekly staff meetings.

Full Job Description and Requirements linked below.

Hiring Process:

All interested candidates should submit a letter of interest and resume to the New Hope Church Hiring Team at In addition, while not required, please include links to any social media platforms you use as well as any video links that demonstrate applicable ministry experience. 

Applications Due December 8th, 2023.

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