Randy Kool

I grew up on our family farm near Pella, Iowa where we milked cows, raised pigs and grew crops.  I went to Iowa State University and graduated with an Agricultural Business degree.  At Iowa State, I met my wife Cindy of 40 years and we have been blessed with three children all of which are married so now I say we have six adult children.  To date, we have three grandchildren who we enjoy immensely.  I’ve been in the agricultural industry for 40 years and looking forward to a new transition to where God wants me to serve next.


Things I’m thankful for: 

I’m thankful for the salvation given by Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for all of those who believe, my wife and family, friends and the people of New Hope Church.


I enjoy: 

I enjoy traveling with Cindy and making lifetime memories with our children and grandchildren. Lending a helping hand with outside work projects, leading our small group and serving on the security team brings me enjoyment.


Favorite movies / TV: 

Having been in sales for my career, I always get a laugh out of Tommy Boy as he works to save his father’s company.  Christmas Vacation is our family Christmas movie and I get a kick out of it when I hear our boys recite the lines in the movie right along with Chevy Chase.  The TV shows I like to watch are Gold Rush and Deadliest Catch because of the risk involved in these industries in order to be successful.


Favorite Music Groups: 

I like listening to all types of music from 70’s Rock to current Christian worship music. I love singing and listening to good ole gospel music like the Gaithers.  Singing in my High School Chorus, the Iowa State Chorus and our church choir and men’s quartet, has brought me a lot of enjoyment.


I hope to someday: 

As I transition from my career in agriculture, I hope to someday travel the interior of Alaska with Cindy and our family to see God’s masterpiece of creation in His landscape and wildlife.  I also have a desire to serve on an agricultural mission trip to a Third World Country to help improve their quality of life.


Favorite verse:

Ephesians 2:10 – For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advanced for us to do.