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Hello New Hope Church!

If you’re anything like me, this has been a challenging, confusing, and very uncertain time. We are all experiencing lots of emotions and life adjustments. We all have questions: What will happen next? How long will this last? The truth is nobody knows. As far as New Hope Church we have no idea when we will all be together again under one roof. So, using technology to continue doing ministry continues.

Recently, the Elder team made the decision to extend our online only ministry focus through Sunday, April 19. This means we will finish our study of the Gospel of John exclusively online. This also means that our Easter celebration weekend will be moved to an online format.


If this feels disappointing, that is only natural. Easter, for so many, brings with it special traditions; celebrating in front of a screen may not feel quite the same. I understand. BUT, I am SO EXCITED about what we have planned for Easter.


  • We are still doing a Good Friday worship service- Friday, April 10 @ 9 pm tune into Facebook (@New Hope Church Adel) for a powerful evening of candlelight worship & communion as we remember the crucifixion of Jesus as He paid the penalty for our sins.

  • We are still going to celebrate the single greatest event in all human history: The Resurrection of Jesus from the dead! Easter is going to be amazing—you are not going to want to miss it! We will go live on Facebook on Sunday, April 12 at 9 am.

What can I do?

Would you please join me in making prayer a priority. Specifically, would you commit to pray each day between now and Easter the 3-3-3 prayer focus:

  • Pray 3 minutes each day

  • For 3 people (maybe they are struggling, have health concerns, are lonely, or someone you want to invite to online Easter service- since it’s online this can be anyone around the world!)

  • And take time to praise God and His character. Specifically, thank God that He is powerful, in-control, and very, very Good.


I truly believe God wants to do amazing things around the world during this trial. Historically the Church has always leaned into suffering and times of uncertainty with grace, love and the Gospel message which provides hope and restoration. Pray people, who are scared, worried, and looking for answers, are reached during this time.

As always, if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly. You are loved and prayed for!

Pastor Ryan and The Elders