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New Hope Church | Janitor 

Purpose Statement: The Janitor is the primary cleaner for the New Hope Church
campus building and grounds.
Janitorial Responsibilities
● Provide general and consistent cleaning of the building to keep it maintained and
in good condition and always “Sunday Ready.” This includes tasks such as
vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, clean & stock restrooms, collect and dispose of
trash, etc.
● Work with the office staff to ensure the building is clean for special events (e.g., a
facility rental, conference, etc.).
● Work with the office staff to ensure the facility is properly locked, whether rooms,
parts of the building, or the entire facility.
● Keep all cleaning supplies in stock and on the campus.
● Demonstrate ability to complete tasks in a timely manner with minimal
● Ability to lift at least 15+ pounds
Time Investment: 12 hours week

Commitment: Ongoing
● Must pass a successful background check
● Must be at least 21 years old
● Prefer to be a person who is an active participant at New Hope Church
● Must demonstrate the character and competency expectations of all staff
members as outlined in the staff employment manual.
Competency Training:
● Onboard training upon hire provided by NHC Office Manager

To apply please email your Resume and Cover letter to

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